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Just wanted to confirm - 22 weeks

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23-May-12 12:12 am

 I had my 3D U/S a few weeks back, and baby is pretty obviously a boy. I'm posting a picture here just to make doubly sure that any lingering hope I have for this baby being a girl is squashed. I'm beginning to accept that it is indeed a boy, but I for some reason am still thinking "what if I missing something, and what we thought were boy parts is actually the cord?". Anyway, just wanted some confirmation please.



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23-May-12 12:23 am
Looks like a definite baby boy to me :) congratulations!
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23-May-12 12:33 am
He is all boy, congrats :-)



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23-May-12 12:55 am
All boy!

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23-May-12 2:03 am
Looks like a boy! Congratulations !

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23-May-12 3:25 am
without a doubt a boy! 1000%
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23-May-12 7:57 am
Boy all the way, you can even see him flexing his leg muscles. LOL!!


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23-May-12 8:28 am

Did she give you any 2d gender pics? 

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23-May-12 2:46 pm

 Thanks ladies. :) I thought it was pretty obvious and she was 100% sure, but I just needed that confirmation.

Lovemy4 - she gave me a whole slew of 3D's, but no 2D pics. I have a couple other penis pics as well (lol). This was just the most obvious one to me, so I decided to post it above the others.

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23-May-12 2:53 pm
Thats def a boy! Not a cord!

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23-May-12 2:55 pm
I'd say boy! Congrats!

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24-May-12 11:45 pm

 Thanks for the replies! 

 Lovemy4 - do you think there's a possibility that it's not a boy? Just curious, based on your post. :)

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25-May-12 1:19 am
That's all man! I am in denial about having a girl so can understand what you are going through. LOL! God gives us what we need, not what we want. Am sure your baby boy will bring you lots of comfort and joy.

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25-May-12 11:50 pm

 Lovemy4, where'd you go?! Lol, I'm desperate to hear from you again! Your reply made me so curious, what's your (expert) opinion??

 Baby Boy 2007  Baby Boy 2009  And awaiting another Baby Boy due late August

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