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22-May-12 12:36 pm
Hey Ladies. I guess I'm a bit confused with OPK tests. I had some stringy/thick/pink discharge (sorry) and it was day 13 of my cycle so I decided to take an OPK test. I wasnt going to test for a few more days because my cycle is usually 30-32 days long. Anyway, I had a LH surge but the line wasnt quite as dark as the test line. 4 hours later i tested again and it was as dark as the test line. This am tested again and no line. SO my question is, when you get the surge that shows up dark, and then get your neg does that mean ovulation has taken place? Does the LH surge only end once the egg has been released? I don't know if i would have had an LH surge the day prior to testing too, but just more faint. Does this mean that it my case I ovulate less than 24 hrs from my pos OPK test? Sorry if this has been answered here before! It's my first time testing. With my sons we just DTD every other day through my whole cycle, so i had no real idea when I ovulated.
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