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More stupid comments


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25-May-12 1:22 pm
Thats how I feel now, after telling our family that we are going to try for a girl one last time, they say Im crazy, "what if its 3 boys?" they say..I am preparing myself for 3 boys, I refuse to get my hopes up about a girl b/c I dont want to feel bad again(although with doing the sway stuff its hard, not to think your going to be successful), so when/if we have a 3rd boy and people will tell me"Oh, Im sorry you didnt get your girl", or "all that stuff you went through and its still a boy!" I need to come up with a nice remark back, that tells them I am happy with my kids, and I dont give one crap about what they say! Of course, I want to say all of this with a smile on my face:) Maybe then the next time I see them, they will say happy things around my kids, not how disappointed I should beHappy  LOL

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