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More stupid comments


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24-May-12 8:31 pm

Jen, we must lead similar lives then!Lol... my best friend lives beside me and has 2 girls(my god-daughters), and most of my friends have only 2, ethey are split between one of each gender or 2 of the same, but I wasnt even done my pregnancy with DS2 before I was planning on trying again( when we started having kids, I said"1 is enough", then "lets try for a girl, 1 of each, then we're done" even before I found out DS2 was a boy, I tolld people, "if this is a boy, Im just meant to have boys, Im still done".. but a friend introduced me to sway, she had her little girl( just months before I had DS2 ) by swaying, so by the end of my pregnancy I wanted to try agin, I just had to wait until DS2 was old enough, and DH was somewhat ready,hehe..I love my god-daughters, doing their hair, and makeup and picking out clothes for a special occasion(theyre mom, isnt good with that, so she lets me help themHappy Wink) but its still not the same as your own, you know?..So Im going to try one more time, doing everything I can to help a little girl along, if we still have a boy, Im hoping that I will know that he was truely meant to be, but I still worry about having alittle GDConfused

P.S. I'm sure if you ask my boys when they are teenagers in about 10 years if they love eachother they would say no, but as long asd I can help them love eachother later in life once all the hormones calm down, thats all I want, and to me it doesnt matter if we have a DD or DS this last time, either way in about 10 years, they will have their spats,lol..Thats my thinking anyway

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