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More stupid comments

Counting my blessings:-)

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22-May-12 5:50 pm

((HUGS)) I'm sorry you are hearing STUPID comments already!!  I hear them ALL the time out with my 3 ds's and my oldest is 7 and can understand.   I hear ignorant comments all the time like "I feel sooo sorry for you with 3 boys", "you need a princess in your house", "You poor thing....don't you want a girl?", "You guys HAVE to try again for a girl". My husband has the best comebacks like "why would you feel sorry that we have 3 healthy boys" or "shes (me) the only princess we need in our house" etcHappy Wink.  I had my tubes tied during 3rd csect and we are done.  People are sooooo rude!!!! IGNORE is too shortHappy Sunshine


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