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Those who swayed girl...did your DH take the full amount of licorice root when you conceived?


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22-May-12 6:01 pm
Booey Thanks! They are 420mg..should I give him 2 in the morning and 2 at night even though Ive noticed his output is lower do you think? I checked my ph again today and it has been stying in the 4.5-4.8 range for last 4 days! That is low for me, Im hoping that if I do relpens about 30 min dtd, take a sudefed about 1-2 hrs before dtd and keep watching it, if it climbs ill do just a hit of replens at the VJ entrance if needed..DH ph runs in the 7.6 range normally but our combined is around 7, so I need to lower that down, hopefully with sudefed and replens itll work..thoughts anyone? Booey Im sending you pink dust!!

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