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Tubal a year ago with regrets

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27-May-12 4:20 pm
wounded_healer."][quote user="HopeFaithDream"]

[quote user="wounded_healer.:

...I wished sometimes I could have gave my daughter a sister[/quote]

I would be happy with one little girl. But, I won't even get that.[:'(]

[/quote] I said that too when it was just my 3 changes...I am very happy with my little girl...I just feel bad that her brothers have brothers and she has just me..
That's how I felt too. When I have found out that we were expecting No.4, I hoped for a sister for my DD... and here came a little brother for her! I thought my GD was finally over when I had my DD. It still hasn't, it came back with my newborn ;-( When can I let it go? When will I free myself from GD? I'm still longing for another DD... It might sound greedy after having both genders, but that is how I feel...
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