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Ultrasound Monday *update - it's a boy*

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19-May-12 12:49 pm

[quote user="BeadinBabe: absolutely should do a cute reveal for a boy!! If this is a boy, get excited...make a big deal over it! I have a feeling you're worried about other people - don't be!! If you get excited, they will, too!! Good luck on Monday... Hoping you hear girl!! XX[/quote] 

I was just gonna say the same thing. Just because you are having another boy doesn't mean you can't be excited and have a party for him. Throw a party, Be excited!!  It's YOUR CHILD!!!   Happy Celebrate


Hope you hear GIRL, but if not.. It's still a reason to celebrate..  Good Luck!!  

THIS !!!! And GOOD LUCK : ) xxxxxxxxxx can't wait to see your update x