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What does my belly say:D

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22-May-12 10:55 am

 HG is hypermesis gravidarum,"characterized by severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and electrolyte disturbance. Women who suffer from this condition may experience dehydration, headaches, confusion, rapid heart rate, and fainting; and may be unable to work, complete usual daily tasks, or maintain a normal social routine. Left untreated, HG can cause significant health problems for you and your baby."Thankfully I am seeming to get over that finally and I am so happy for that..I have gained one pound so far:). Anyways I have considered peeing in cup when get up so have it but was afraid would affect the test possibly. I am really hoping it comes soon as my fiance is out of town til friday and that means I dont need to worry about keeping him off me, Not tht it has been big problem I havent been in the mood and we are normally a every day so kinda worried bout that but hoping with me starting to feel better my drive will come back lol....but not til i get the test done lmao...