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do you believe S. Mary or God can do a miracle in gender?

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18-May-12 3:36 am
An entire church prayed non stop that my father wouldn't be taken from us when he was only 30 years old - non stop prayers including prayers by him and my mum for healing and survival and yet he didn't survive. I believe you can can find the answer you want to hear if you look for it but the doesn't make it the truth. There is no explanation that says why some people get "answered prayers" and some don't and no, God certainly wasn't giving any of us what we needed when we lost my father but that is life and that's what happens. 70% of people that get the cancer my dad had, survive it so some where along the lines there was probably a whole church praying for another young father and he survived. If you want to believe that it will work for you then maybe it will, in this day and age of - I want it = I get it, I believe people will convince themselves that they are in control of the uncontrollable but it boils down to the flip of a coin and making the most of the life we have, enjoying what we have and thanking God for the things we have not the things we don't.
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