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baby boy names..

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14-May-12 9:44 pm

 well atm as much as I want a girl I am trying to get over it and accept the fact that I might have a boy so in order to help accept the idea incase it is that I am meant to only have little boys. I am hoping by finally getting a boy name in mind I will be more accepting. I already have my girl name, I actually had a few but my finac'es ex took all of them but the one she doesnt know...I loved the name Echo lynn...she hated it but its the name of her daughter to be which comes before mine, she also took my lillian for her dead baby so now I wont let ppl I know know my baby name we have chosen which is Autumn grace anne Cook, anyways boy names are greaty appreciated, we already have a skylar, James, Llogen, Thaddeus, and Alexander, and his little girl is Sophie but anyways Thanks in advance REALLY NEED BOY NAMES PLEASE...really hope it works to help me not be so upset if it is a boy..



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15-May-12 6:03 am
Your girl name is beautiful. Boy names are a tad difficult. How about Rylan, Flynn, Tanner, Cole, Colby, Campbell, Talon or Levi? If we have another son he will most likely be Harrison. Girl will be Blair Arabella or Mia Arabella. Congrats on your pregnancy :)

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15-May-12 11:52 am

 OOO I love the Mia that is so cute:D. Thank you we figure she will be born in October so that is the fall season and thought would be a pretty name for her:) then the middles names are my mom and step moms middle name since all of my boys are named from their father's side this one boy or girl has to have atleast one name from my side lol. I will have to throw those names at the daddy and see if he likes any. Are biggest problem besides the fact that we really want a girl as this is our last and we have all boys, well he has a little girl but all our kids other than her are boys and one that means all the boy names we liked are used already and two its just so hard to think of name when you want the other sex so bad. I mean I have a whole page of girls names lmao, I was lucky I was able to get it down to my top four lol which all have been taken but my Autumn one which is fine because we jsut thought of Autumn when found out the due date which is another odd thing that makes me feel like has to be my girl becuase due date is my favorite day of my favoirte month, october 13th....Whenever I write a story the main female character is born on October 13th, its also the date we have picked out for our wedding hopefully for 2013 so its a very important date to me now and I think I have convinced myself has to be agirl because of that date lol so now I am having quite bit of difficulty accepting that it might be a boy... Anyways sorry I am a major rambler lol. I think I like the Rylan and maybe the Cole but idk, he likes odd names for girls and normal names for boys, i like more "old" names for boys like Thaddeus and Alexander so i think that why also havn hard time pickn a name we both like we like different names I actually want a unique different name that sounds nice still if boy but he doesnt seem to like any the ones i thought be interesting, like pheonix, i thought that was neat..he was like liked Drake as well lol that was another no...SO yes please keep them coming:D 

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15-May-12 12:29 pm

Did you see my post here in this forum titled something like "an interesting place to find old names"  It's an article about finding old names on cemetary headstones in your area.  I love the idea because I do like old names and I like the idea of using names that were 'popular' in my area once upon a time.


My son's are Jace Evan and Rylan Cade.  I love both of their names, but they are becoming much more popular now than when we chose them, but that's okay with me.  


DS 2 will likely be Asher, Emmett, or Brett, but we haven't decided on any middle names.  

Friends of mine who have recently had boys have named them:






Tyler aka Ty








Job pronounced Jobe (with a long o)






Michael aka Mikey









Gabriel aka Gabe



GL on choosing a boy name!!! 


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15-May-12 8:04 pm

 thank you very much and I will have to check that post out:D. 

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16-May-12 11:22 am

 anyone else have suggestions??

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17-May-12 1:46 pm

 anyone at all..really hoping to find something..


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18-May-12 10:13 am

Sebastian (I love this one!)

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18-May-12 12:21 pm

 Thank you I actually am starting to like Ryder and i liked blake but fiance said no to that........maybe one of these will rub on him lol

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22-May-12 10:32 am

There is a website called nymbler, and you stick in your kids' names and it suggests names you may like that "go" with your older kid's names. I can't remember the exact web name, its babynymbler or just nymbler, I'm not sure, but it is kind of fun to see what the computer comes up with. I have a few suggestions based on your older kids names,  Dylan, Jacob, Asher, Carter, Preston, Tyler, Justin, Drake, Kyle, Carson, Cooper, Cason/Kasen, Ryder, Landon, Lane, Miles, Quentin, Jeremiah. Good luck. P.S. Autumn is such a gorgeous name for a girl!

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2-Jun-12 8:53 pm
Good luck on deciding but just wanted to say you should keep Lynn as a mn for girl!! :D hee hee! It's my and my dd2's mn!
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4-Jun-12 1:51 pm

 O I am keepn lynn for a girl, I have my girl name its Autmn Grace Lynn Cook..:) boy names still not sure....especially tryn to make it family on top of

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