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Announcing your BOY, ideas?

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14-May-12 9:35 am
I went on a mean green juice fast from af to O which is: Kale, Spinach, Any dark leafy greens, Carrot, 2 green apples, Kiwi, Wheat grass. I juiced the above 3 times a day. This was to get healthy because I noticed I had high preO temps (possibly low estrogen) and I wanted to reboot my body. I stopped coffee. When I wasn't juicing I would eat celery or salads. I stopped all vitamins, everything and did a complete 180 with my dietary habits. Not to sway boy (I don't believe in swaying). My dh and I watched 'fat, sick and nearly dead' which is why I decided to give it a try. On cd 14 I put in preseed, but no bd. Morning of cd 15 DH used KY warming, bd. Night of cd 16, 1 hr after O we bd, used nothing. 1dpo yeast infection (the 4th one I've ever had). I really didn't think a pg would result with the ky and YI :)