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I'll be so disappointed if I'm carrying another boy

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11-May-12 3:34 pm

I was fully expecting to hear girl.

Me too (DS3). I really felt he was a girl, esp since I had strong girl feelings early on, and his nub got many girl guesses (11w nub shot got all girl guesses, 12w got 50/50 but one tech guessed girl). I wouldn't trade him now, but wow that was so upsetting at his u/s 2 years ago!

I'm not afraid of 4 boys, I'm afraid of never getting a girl and thus never getting over this damn GD! Sad

OP- hope you hear girl!

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I'm in no way "disappointed" that I have sons, I just want the chance to raise a daughter as well. Happy Wink

Want to try for a Baby Bear Girl early next year! Pray

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