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ramzi theory, 9 week US

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9-May-12 12:15 am
This was my 9w 4d transvaginal ultrasound. At the time of the US I asked the RNCP where the placenta was and she said that it had not yet formed so this sonogram picture should work out for a ramzi theory.
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16-May-12 11:35 pm
Girl according to ramzi
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13-Jul-12 5:17 pm
i say boy!!

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14-Jul-12 2:43 pm
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18-Jul-12 1:30 pm
Tough one, id say girl.
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18-Jul-12 6:04 pm
Looks boy to me!

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18-Jul-12 8:47 pm
My guess is girl! Good luck :0)
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