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Cilantro's Girl Sway - Update: It's a boy!

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7-May-12 10:11 pm



Gender Resulted


Swaying Attempt - Natural, EGS (TBM, SU, GDC, MSU), High Tech (IUI, IUI/MS), details?








-7.5 (last time we checked)

Douche type and when


Replens and when

- None (I’ve tried Replens and Rephresh in the past and they did not work well unless used more than a half applicator)

Big O



Combined PH                             

-5.3 at the entrance of V 5minutes after the DTD then it went up to 5.5 two hours later then I fell asleep. I didn’t check inside pH so I don’t know what the actual pH was right after the DTD. By the morning (8 hours later), it was 5 around cervix.





-Over 1800 mg/day combined with supplements


-Over 300 mg/day combined I with supplements


-Under 2500mg/day. Exceeded sometimes but kept within the recommended range


-Under 700 mg/day. Exceeded sometimes but kept within the recommended range

DH minerals

-Same as me




Dietary Changes

-We started the IG diet in Sept 2011. Since I stopped ovulating in December, we took 5 week break until February. I would say my diet for the cycle I got BFP was only 2 weeks as I cheated quite a bit during 2WW in previous cycle. However, my eyes were twitching badly so it was working? I had been consuming a lot of milk and yogurt this past half year which is not my normal diet. I hope I changed my body chemistry enough to conceive a girl. 

Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long?

-No, As soon as I confirmed the ovulation (high BBT three days in a row), I ate almost everything except for no-no items.



DH caffeine






-Milk, water, pepper mint tea


- Calcium citrate, Magnesium, Folic acid, Vitamin C, Cranberry









-I took Zyrtec 12 hours before the attempt



DH supps

-Calcium citrate, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Cranberry, Licorice Root




BD cutoff (# of days)


BD thru O



-Yes. I was never good at pinpointing my O so I planned on aiming 36 hours after the first OPK+ which was the morning of CD16. I was afraid of temp shift in the morning and the ladies on IG said that I should go for it on CD 15. So I did it at around O+6. At that times, the cervix was firmer and the CM was creamy and very little (don’t know if it was because of Zyrtec I took) so I was pretty confident about O+12 for the first time. 6 hours later, the temperature spiked so I didn’t even think I could get pregnant. Apparently, it worked fine.

Frequent BD/how many days

-Abstinence of 11 days (ideal was 14 days but O came earlier than expected)

Charting O with Temp


Charting O with OPK


Fertility monitor used/type


Suspected O date

-April 7, 2012




Oed in what moon phase

-Just started full moon but moon sign was Scorpio, which is a girl sign. However both my boys were conceived around new moon so apparently I am not affected by moon. Biorhythms were pretty girly and I believe in Biorhythms over moon phase anyway so I am happy about that. April is supposed to be girly, too.

Changed ions in other ways?

-Walked in the woods in the morning of O, humidifier, salt rock lamp all night every night last half year, lavender soup & lotion, rose quartz in my bra, rose quartz bracelet, ion bracelet, lemon grass reed diffuser, nail polish every 2 days leading up to O 




How many kids do you have?


What gender(s)?


# of months TTC


Your Age


BD position

-missionary, shallow penetration

Jump and dump

-No. Laid with hips propped for at least 30 minutes

EWCM present/how much?


DH undies type

-box brief

DH hot bath/shower

-Both took a hot shower 5 minutes before the attempt, DH did bicycle ride twice on the day of O,

OWT - anything under bed?

-Wooden spoon with a pink ribbon, my favorite painter’s picture (a girl) on the wall



It was the most challenging uncertain journey I’ve ever had in my life and a roller coaster ride for me and my DH. Because the last cycle was crazy (delayed O and DH started bleeding in stool etc..), I didn’t take CL nor Equal as much as before and added some food items like quinoa, black beans, and sesame seeds to our diet in order to keep my body nourished enough to get normal ovulation. I also had a fried egg two hours after I woke up in the morning. DH lowered the dosage of Licorice root from 3 times a day to 2 times a day.  So our sway was a lot more relaxed than previous cycles but we did the best we could do without stopping/delaying ovulation or feeling too nervous about our health. I really want to thank all the support and information I got from IG especially Tamara! You are awesome. And I wish all you ladies the best of luck in your sways, and hope you all get your desired gender.   




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7-May-12 10:37 pm
Looks like a greAt sway! Hope u have ur DG!

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8-May-12 3:32 am
Hi Cilantro! It's great to read your sway :) well done, it sounds great! I hope you're feeling ok? We're only a week apart aren't we :) stay in touch and fingers crossed we both get our little princesses x

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8-May-12 7:27 am

Hi Canadian, thank you! Have you been enjoying your pink shopping?

Hi Oneblue, how have you been! I had a visitor staying with us last week so I was taking some time off from the IG. You said that you have been sooo pregnant? It is great! I didn't even feel anything different until this week but MS started yesterday morning. I taste weird in my mouth and feel like getting car sick all the time. It is very normal for me around 6 to 7 weeks. I want something different this time though. Hope you are enjoying your food and yes let's keep in touch!  


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8-May-12 1:29 pm

So excited for you! I just know it's a girl! You deserve it so much. Your sway was AMAZING!

Don't worry about it being the same with this pregnancy as the other two...mine were all completely different and all boys, so I really, truly don't believe that means anything AT ALL.

Enjoy your pregnancy! Keeping you in my prayers for a H&H 9 months and that you hear PINK! Hearts

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8-May-12 1:53 pm

Congrats on the pregnancy!!!!!!!! So excited for you....well done and FX you got a pink beanie in there!

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8-May-12 9:07 pm
Hi Cilantro! Honestly - a fantastic sway! Well done you. You have had quite a journey, and I am so happy that you got your BFP. I had been waiting eagerly to read your sway : ) I hope you have a very happy & healthy 9 months ahead (i know you will). Keep us posted on how you are getting on. Big congratulations XXX

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8-May-12 9:08 pm
P.S - It must feel so good to post you sway here!!! XXX

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8-May-12 9:16 pm

Maple, you're NEXT! A BFP and a pink sticky bean...SOON! I can just feel it! You've been at this for so long, you're so devoted, you completely deserve it! XOXO

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8-May-12 9:38 pm

Maple, you're NEXT! A BFP and a pink sticky bean...SOON! I can just feel it! You've been at this for so long, you're so devoted, you completely deserve it! XOXO

BeadinBabe - Awe, your too sweet! I really hope your right : ) I burst with excitement just imagining seeing that 2nd line appear on a HPT, lol. Thanks, you made me smile XXX

Update! Identical twin girls! Baby Bear Girl Baby Bear Girl

Our family: Baby Bear Boy 2008 Baby Bear Boy 2010 Baby Bear Girl Baby Bear Girl 2013


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9-May-12 8:23 am

BeadinBabe, thank you!!! You are so sweet as alwaysHearts Most of time I feel ok but sometimes I feel like I am carrying a boy and feel so down. I even do a stupid bed like "ok if I can throw this sock in the laundry basket, it is a girl" LOL I know it is already in here so I can't change anything but you know what I mean!? Good luck to your attempt. Hope you are doing all right with your diet and everything. I can't wait to see your BFP posting!!!

Aurora, thank for the congrats. When is your baby's due? Hope you are having great time.

Maple, thank you!!! How have you been? I agree with BeaninBabe. It is your turn, Maple! You have been really good to everyone here and you deserve to be congratulated by everyone real SOON. I really pray for you. Please keep us posted.


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9-May-12 1:16 pm
Cilantro,  Great sway!  Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope you get your little girl!  You totally deserve a pink bundle of joy!!!  We will all be waiting anxiously to see what you are having.  Will you find out at the ultrasound or wait till delivery?  I always like to be able to plan the nursery and clothing so I have to find out as soon as possible.  I think there is another forum where they talk about old wives tails stuff about how to predict the gender sooner.  My doctor told me at my very first check up that my DS#3 had a boy heartbeat.  I think they say 170bpm or higher is girl and below that is boy.  Anyone else know if that is true?

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9-May-12 9:37 pm

Thank you, MountainViews! How's everything going with you? Yes, I will definitely find out the gender of this baby at the ultrasound. Reason#1: I am not patient. #2: I want to enjoy pink shopping as soon as possible. #3 (the biggest reason): If I have to deal with GD, I want to get over it by the time he arrives. I can't imagine how hard to deal with GD at the hospital along with physical recovery, postpartum depression, two boys at home etc... I want to show my genuine smile to my new son. As for the heart rate, my friend was told that she was having a girl with 70% of chance at the 12 week scan because the heart rate was 168. And sure enough, she had a girl. I wish I knew my boys heart rate so I can compare! However, according to Maureen, the heart rate theory has been disproven by several medical studies.


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9-May-12 11:34 pm
Great sway Cilantro!!!! FX for you Hun!

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10-May-12 9:39 pm

 Hi fivebabies! Thanks for the comment. How's your pregnancy? Will you be posting your 12 week scan? Hope all is well!


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