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TTC baby boy - Preparation Plan!

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7-May-12 3:11 pm
Hi ladies,  Me and DH are planning to sway for a lil boy soon. The expected BD date is July 23Pray Here is our preparation plan! We both: 
  • Drink 2lt of water with lots of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice.
  • Drink green tea with pure Stevia. (He also has a cup of caffeine everyday)
  • Eat 10-15 almonds every morning. (I put them in water the night before, to get them more alkalinizing)
  • Eat various nuts to increase energy.
  • Put lots Himalayan Pink Salt on everything! (TG we don’t have high blood pressure problems!)
  • Steam cook as much as we can with organic vegetables on Tamara’s baby boy diet. (Potatoes, celery, Amsterdam carrots etc.)
 I also eat 5 dried figs, 5 dry apricots,  5 dates, 1 spoon of flax seed and 1 banana with cereal every day. I also cut back on dairy as much as I can.. no milk, cheese, yogurt! For my cereal (limit 1 bowl a day), I choose from chocolate soy milk, rice milk or almond milk.   Supplements: For me:
  • Prenatals
  • Potassium pills (99mg) – once a day
  • Vitamin E  (400iu) – once a day
  • Folic acid (1000mg) – twice a day
  • Fish oil (1000mg) – once a day
  • L’arginine (500mg) – once a day
  • Maca Concentrate  with Korean ginseng (1000mg) – one a day
  • 1 organic Brazilian nut per day (very cautious about this!)
  • Will also start taking false unicorn soon.
 For DH:
  • Zinc (50mg) – once a day
  • Swiss Naturals B6-B12-Folic Acid (1000mg) – once a day
  • Fish oil (1000mg) – once a day
  • Maca Concentrate with Korean ginseng (1000mg) – one a day
  • Vitamin E  (400iu) – once a day
  • L’arginine (500mg) – once a day
  • He also takes some CoQ-10 and ginseng in small amounts with his multivitamin.
 A few more things about our preparation process.. 
  • I bought a 2nd hand CBFM on craigslist and will use it..(No matter how expensive the test sticks are!)
  • Spent 8 hrs every day on IG! (Took me a while to get used to the abbreviations!Happy Giggle)
  • Printed out Tamara’s Baby Boy Diet and read trillion times, almost memorized it! Geeked
  • I got “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” book!
  • I got PH test sticks for testing urine and saliva PH. (Current urine PH level 7 for both me and DH!) ( I also checked my DH’s sperm and it was around 9-9.5 PH;)

When the time comes, we will use the egg whites, bsd/bsf and positive ion charges and do all the other necessary things!Happy Smile

Things that  freaks me out: 
  1. I don’t eat meat and DH doesn’t eat tomatoes! (I replace meat with soy products and give DH tomato pills (contains lycopene). But I’m not sure if it’s against baby boy diet rules though)
  2. New moon around estimated BD date (I prefer not to believe in moon calendar though)
  3. Chinese calendar (It seems like it’s all pink to me!)
  4. Messing up my cycles because of these supplements ..
I try not to skip anything. So if you ladies have any comments/additions, I’d love to hear them.
 Lots of baby dust to you all!Heart Marmara