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It seems so silly now

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think the 1st thing you need to do is get to court to make sure that you are protected, the sooner things are in the courts hands the better,

Also are their any state benefits you can claim (I'm in the UK) if you have access to any joint accouts clear them out before he does and if you have any accounts he has access to close them and make sure you press charges if he takes any money, change all your money passwords and secure your future.


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I couldn't read and not write. I'm sooooo sorry you're going through this! What an a$$! bigfamily is so right- do NOT let yourself get walked all over! Start the separation/divorce process immediately- find a lawyer asap. I haven't been through it myself but I think when adultry is involved the courts will be on the side of the other spouse. Get him for all the child support money you can (with 4 kids you should hopefully be able to get a good amount, if you have full custody). Don't be ashamed to go to social services and apply for food stamps, medical assistance (unless dh is going to keep the kids on his health insurance), cash assistance, rental assistance, whatever you need. There are MANY services available out there! A single mom with 4 kids and no job will automatically qualify for all of the above.

I can't imagine what you are going through emotionally... BIG HUGS!!!!! You're right, there are much worse things than GD. Like a pp said about herself, maybe you will find someone who treats you much better. It's better to be "alone" than married and miserable with a total jerk. And don't forget, you have 4 little souls who probably worship the ground you walk on...keep them close and hug them tight! You'll get through this, mama!!


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