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delete thread, lost baby

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5-May-12 12:11 am


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5-May-12 12:13 am

... just for fun this was my sons U/S pic at exactly 15 weeks.

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5-May-12 9:33 am

 Yup your pics look totally different, congrats on your girl!

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5-May-12 10:32 am
Thanks!! I still have yet to buy anything pink! But my tech she was sure and to go ahead and buy pink lol. She said she wouldn't say that if she wasn't sure. This was the other pic , I had to scan it in so it's not as clear.


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5-May-12 12:54 pm
Looks Girly

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No dots!

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5-May-12 1:27 pm

Looks Girly



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5-May-12 2:19 pm

Looks girly.  Congrats!


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5-May-12 3:30 pm
Girly Girl!

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5-May-12 9:55 pm

 Thanks everyone! I am starting to believe it a little more now lol. Happy Smile
I don't know why I am having such a hard time.. this pregnancy has been totally different than with my boys.. I've been wayyyy sicker and my face is breaking out etc... 


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6-May-12 6:20 am

yes looks girly and your symptoms are definately girly, if your anything like me it will probaly take weeks for you to believe it for sure....

but with shots like that, penis's dont just grow Happy Smile


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6-May-12 9:33 am
Baby Bear GirlAgree
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6-May-12 4:08 pm


I just wanted to say that I have several ultrasound pictures that look just like this and I have been told girl too....what I thought was even more coincidental was that you mentioned your face is breaking out with this pregnancy.  Mine is too....something I never experienced with any of my boys....must be  girl thing!

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6-May-12 11:33 pm

Rafrob2- Congrats to youMy complexion was great with my boys ! This time it's like I'm a teenager again! So weird , it must be the hormones or something ! 

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6-May-12 11:34 pm

 Lovthree  , I am due in oct too! What is your edd?

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7-May-12 2:48 pm
18 Oct and you?
Baby Boy 01 + Baby Boy 04 + Baby Bear Girl due Oct 2012 = Hearts
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