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Newbie trying to sway pink

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7-May-12 10:45 am

Personally, I believe the best timing to ttc girl is O+12.  However, I was able to conceive dd2 with two day cut-off.  It's just vitally important that you keep your ph low for that entire time, which is sometimes easier said than done. LOL!  Anyway, I also did what I would refer to as a mild sway, with little more than cranberry supps, clacium, & mag, as well as baby aspirin.  I did not douche at all, but did insert a "lime tampon" 30 before dtd and several hours after.  The one thing that brought my ph down very quickly when I was ready to dtd was crystal light.  There's obviously tons more you can do , but if your set on trying to keep things to a minimum and keeping it simple, (like I was) than it sounds like your off to a good start.  It worked for me anyway.  If I had to do it over again, I would also concentrate on ions a little more, but would not stress out and go go insane trying to cover everything.  Keep it fun! GL!