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It's official, I'm crazy!!

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3-May-12 9:31 pm
I'm 32 wks pg with my 5th son, and I have an US scheduled for this coming Monday to recheck my placenta previa to make sure it's moved up.  And sadly there is this tiny crazy part of me that is somehow hoping this baby will miraculously have turned from a boy to a girl, despite the most clear turtle boy shot you have ever seen that I got at my 22 wk US.  I know there's no way this baby is a girl, but I am still having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that i will never have a daughter, and that after flipping the coin 5 times we came up with the same result every time.  I will be happy when this baby finally gets here and I can see him and hold him.  Hopefully then it will feel more real and final. 

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