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Question for Tamara re:timing

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4-May-12 3:28 pm
Thank you for your answers!! I conceived DS when I was 27, so hopefully age really has nothing to do with this, LOL, since now Im 29 (odd number again). I have another question, it is regarding the supps, how do you know if they are making you more acidic, since we have to take so many different supps, how donyou know which ones are working and which ones are not? Also, how are you measuring your cm, with strips or digital tster? About the timing question, I just read that it is better to pinpoint your Ov by using clearblue digital test, younhave to test every 4 hours, once you get a positive, younwait aprox 36 hrs to DTD, this works only for o+12. Once you get your positive ov, don't test again. If you do o+12 your DH has to abstain for at least 7 days, or do FR everyday. It cant be with 2-6 days semen as it sways blue. If you want to do the 3 day cutoff you dont need an OPK, you better be super regular and rely only on your past cycles, and the signs you see in your body in your present cycle. Look for the post by Bequita on this topic, she seems to be an expert in timing and it is very helpful! Thanks gals! Xo, OHH! And i also plan to ttc in july august this year!!! Thats so cool you will also br trying then!
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