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20w potty shot tech couldn't confirm. any thoughts?

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29-Apr-12 7:55 am
Hi, have another scan to confirm in a few weeks but super excited to know. i'm thinking girl but arn't sure. Any one have any thoughts?
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29-Apr-12 8:06 am
I think girl! Xx


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29-Apr-12 8:55 am

I can't tell.

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29-Apr-12 9:20 am
Thanks. Baby was super wiggly so tech couldn't get a clear look. Would be great to have a girl to have one of each, but just as nice for my DS to have a brother. The tech did say she's leaning girl but will confirm next time, but that is three weeks away and i want to get shopping!! haha Any other guesses. i was 20 +6 so was thinking i'd probably be able to see goolies if bump was a boy? xx

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29-Apr-12 9:42 am

No gender clues in this pic, sorry - just cute little bum cheeks. I have shots like this from two of my own babies, one girl and one boy. The only way I can tell them apart is by the dates. Happy 

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29-Apr-12 10:39 am

 I don't see any gender clues. Sorry!


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30-Apr-12 2:37 am
Thanks girls. i will 'patiently' wait for my next scan. haha x
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