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UPDATE CONFIRMATION 20 Weeks - It's a GIRL!!!! at 13 weeks, 5 days - angle of dangle suggests girl

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26-Apr-12 2:47 pm
I'm hoping for pink, but family is convinced it's a boy. What do you think?
Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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26-Apr-12 3:40 pm

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26-Apr-12 4:47 pm
Slightly leaning boy, Not sure what I saw is the nub though

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26-Apr-12 6:01 pm
Thanks so much - I'm assuming the two nubs coming out from under the leg are where we're supposed to look? US tech didn't give any clues - too early. I was hoping they're "line-like" and parallel to the spine - therefore a girl? I may be dreaming.....

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26-Apr-12 6:23 pm
Leaning Baby Boy

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26-Apr-12 7:45 pm
I can't see the nub clearly, sorry.


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26-Apr-12 8:30 pm

Any other pics?

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26-Apr-12 9:36 pm

 It's not very clear, but I *think* boy

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26-Apr-12 10:16 pm
I don't think the whole nub has been captured in this shot, so it's a 50/50 from me....

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26-Apr-12 11:37 pm

I can't make out a clear image of the nub in that shot.  


Maybe you have more or a video?


Congratulations on your baby!

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27-Apr-12 1:49 am

 I am leaning towards Baby Boy , but not too sure if what I am seeing is the nub or not.

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27-Apr-12 5:19 am

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27-Apr-12 12:14 pm
After looking at many nubs im going girl, if thats the 2 little bits I can see sticking out they are parallel to spine and flat XX

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29-Apr-12 1:29 pm
Thanks so much everyone! This is the only shot I have for another 4 weeks until I can find out the sex for sure. I was thinking that the two prongs/forks sticking out were what I was supposed to be looking at - thus girl was my guess as they are fairly flat and parallel with the spine. Boy is the consensus, with the exception of Frankie, who sees the same thing I do. The waiting game to find out is soooooooo long!! (As we all know!).

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29-Apr-12 1:49 pm
I think that is the cord if you look just below those white lines there is a prominent winky (I think) ,so I'm leaning boy xx!if that's not winky it's part of the leg ,very hard one x

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