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BFP Update...It's a GIRL!!

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3-Jul-12 10:49 pm
So just a quick update...I had my 20 week scan and it is a girl! DH doesn't even know, or know that I know, so now I have to keep it a secret from everyone!! I asked the OB to write it down in case we changed our mind about finding out the gender. He just stapled the piece of paper together at the sides so when I was alone I held it up to the light and could read 'Baby a GIRL'. Very excited and love having my special secret. DH thinks it is another boy, so he is goingto be blown away in November!
Congratulations! Fantastic news! I might have to do the same sneaky trick as you as my DH does not want to find out, or me to find out either. Did you ask the OB before DH arrived for the appointment? All the best! X

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