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Friends & Family forcing me to have GD.

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25-Apr-12 7:08 pm
gotta love family and friends... they're always a good source of GD.

I had my mother in law tell me at the beginning of my preg that she gets BOY vibes from me and then made a comment at the store to her sister in law (in front of me and my DH) that she hopes it's a boy because she doesn't want another female version of her son (my DH) running around - even though he's got 2 dd's already with his ex.

Of course, im not the type to lay back and not say anything, so i piped in with "different mothers = different personalities in children...." because really... if she doesn't like how her son turned out who is really to blame? same with the attitude problems that his DD's have due to their mother's side of the family that they spend the majority of time around... I raised my DS to be a very respectful, caring, compassionate and loving young man.. im sure my daughter will be just as pleasant.
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