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Gender guesses please : ) 13 week 1 day

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20-Apr-12 4:48 pm

Hello all!

I am new to this site and was wondering if fellow users could share some insight! I just had my NT scan, baby measured 13 week 1 day and the tech did not want to guess gender stating to early. I posted a picture and and was wondering if someone could point out the nub? I just see a bunch a things sticking out and have no clue what is what. Thanks in advance!!

Full-size image

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21-Apr-12 7:01 am
Hi there, welcome! I am new here too, but quickly became obsessed!! I'm leaning boy based on the angle and roundness of the nub, but it's not a very obvious nub so it's a cautious lean. Check out this article, it was SO helpful at educating me on all of this nub stuff - good luck!

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23-Apr-12 12:23 pm
Thanks for the link!! That was helpful :)


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26-Apr-12 4:00 am

Hi Sunflower Im guessing Pink from the amount of nubs I have studied....... XXXXXXXXX GL
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