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tryn to sway blue

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20-Apr-12 8:08 am
Me & my husband want to try for our first child and we both want a lil boy very bad I'm willn to do anything to sway I just don't wanna do pgd or micrsort its now april & the chinese chart says me being 22 may would be a boy month but I don't no to believe that or not but we are thinkn of tryn in may please some one help I would really apperciate & please send all kinds of bluedust my way lol

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20-Apr-12 12:17 pm

 All the info. is in Faq that is a good place to start...Good luck to you on your little bundle of blueHappy Smile

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 My Sway





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20-Apr-12 7:12 pm

 GL on your Baby Bear Boy journey!!!!Good Luck Clover

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my sway link -


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21-Jun-12 8:29 pm
Is there a link to the faq I cant pull it up I would appreciate help in any way thanks so much godbless

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22-Jun-12 12:04 pm

 Here is the link to the extreme gender swaying e-book.

You may also want to read the swaying ebook, which should be posted in the swaying section of the forum.

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