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Another GD obstacle

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10-Jul-12 10:16 am

Hello ladies just wanted to update you on this last post, well my sister is in fact having a BOY!  I knew it and saw it coming.  I was so hurt but I am ok now.  I just hope I get my chance one day.  Surprisingly she hasn't said anything or made my GD worse.  I am still a little afraid because we still have all of our lives (or until I have a boy) to hear stupid comments.  I have heard dumb comments from my mom like "shes gonna have the boys and you're gonna have the girls, if you have another baby it will be a girl, you will have all girls".  It irks my freaking nerves when she says that.  Any advice on how to handle the stupid comments I am about to endure about the girls vs the boys???? 


Its been so long since I posted here.  I just needed to vent and ask for advice.  So my sister just found out she is pregnant..... she has a son.... I have 2 daughters.... the issue is when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter I reached out to her and told her how I felt, I had GD and absolutely did not want another girl but now its DG because when I had my 2nd DD I was ok with it and now I just want a DS.  I cried to her for many days and told her how bad I wanted a boy.  Well one day she and I got into a heated argument and she said to me thats why I am not having a boy and thats what I get, she said I don't deserve a son and will never be blessed with a son.  That hurt my heart so bad I was depressed for weeks.  That all occured while I was 6 months pregnant.  I didn't speak with her for 2 months.  Fast forward 2 years later we patched things up, I forgave her but I never forgot what she said and how much it hurt.  From that point on she always found little ways to say how much she is happy she has a son and how girls can be complicated and alot of work.  I always brushed it off and said its not as bad as you put it.  Last week she told the family that she is pregnant and made it known she wants a BOY because again girls are so complicated (in her eyes).  I don't know what to do.... I want her to have what she desires but if she has a boy I have to go through the "my boys are better than your girls" thing all over again.  I dont know if I can handle it emotionally.  I really don't want to feel that way and I want to just be happy about having a new nephew or niece.  I am not a jealous person but I don't want to deal with her throwing it up in my face.  Then I have to hear everybody in my family praising her for having her 2 boys.  Our dad shows his favortism in her son already and since we already have so many girls in our family they praise the boys.  ALSO!  My DH and I had been planning to try for a DS, we are planning to start trying this fall and we have been planning this for a year now we were just waiting til the time for right.  I am also afraid that she will have 2 boys and I will have 3 girls.  I am a nervous wreck over here and I just want this feeling to go away.  I am always so happy for my friends or family that get the gender they want but in this situation I just can't find it in myself to be happy.  Does anybody have any advice or similar situations they have been through???

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