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Ladies please be cautious of early gender determination

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18-Apr-12 9:09 pm
Wish there would have been a thread like this last year!!  It was about this time last year I was being told boy at 15w and went into a horrible depression, not being able to eat or sleep because I so desperately wanted a daughter.  Thanks to this site I was able to post my pic from the horrible 3D u/s place and got all girl guesses from what that tech said was 100% boy.  Funny how you ladies can be so much more accurate than someone who is paid to do that as their profession!!  Luckily my story had a happy ending and baby #3 did in fact turn out to be my little girl but it really did ruin the moment for me since I had always dreamed of looking up at that u/s screen and hearing "It's a Girl!".  My boys were disappointed too since they had really wanted a sister so it was a bummer for the whole family for a whole month before I went in for my next u/s at the doctor's office.  So I guess the moral of the story's worth the wait to find out at your 20w scan and not try to be too anxious and go sooner to someone who isn't qualified.

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