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Dr finally called me frustrated

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19-Apr-12 1:32 am
Thanks tinks:)you always make me feel better! You really are an inspiration to everyone here and I am so hoping your twin boys come along soon:)..and I'm so sorry for your loss.I can't even's devastating but you handled it with much more grace than I could have.. And yeah genesis sucks..and I'm thinking it *probably* IS their fault.unfortunately my dr said there isn't a while lot I can do about my bp-my weight is good,I walk everyday,and I have an ok diet..she said no caffeine and watvh the sodium but other than that its just something i may now have to deal with..and that the fact is some women are never able to come off the meds and I may just be one of meantime,I'm not allowed to be on the pill because of it(my 1st contraceptive choice)and my cycles have returned to their 28 day norm so I kind of know when o time is..I have follow ups in may and June so I wanna see if my ob has changed her opinion at all but I'm too scared to have another baby I think.that was awful-the headachethe puking,the mag re acts like he did me a favor for doing my pgd for gender(he usually will not as it's not something they do as a practice)and he doesn't get at all why I'm so upset..but as you said it is nice for this daddy to have one of each:)..

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