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Due in November, we have our Due date Buddies Thread!

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20-Jul-12 9:03 pm
Thanks ladies! I spoke to the hospital today, I still have an infection so need more treatment :( still having to take things easy as slight spotting still! The hospital said its just the infection! I've got an appointment with my midwife of tues now so fingers crossed I can kick the infection soon!! Mrs summers you made me laugh about your scan, I'm exactly the same!!! I went for 2 scans last week at 24wks and asked them to check the baby hadn't grown any extra bits!! The radiographer laughed and said 'it's a little too late for the baby to grow a penis now!' haha I suppose she has a point but until I'm holding my princess I know I'm going to wobble!! :) . Baby2nov the shootings in Colorado were shocking, sick, sick people out there, it was so sad! I hope you are ok? Xxx
Baby Boy 14, Baby Boy 11, Baby Boy 6, Baby Boy 3 we are expecting our first Baby Girl on the 5 Nov 2012 and we are very excited about our little secret shhh!