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Who has used Dr. Potter and had good results? I would be travelling from BC so am wondering how many

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2-Jun-12 6:51 am

 I have done three cycles with Dr P (traveling from Australia) with negative outcomes.  We did Microsort with all three.  I still have six boy embryos frozen there (we were trying for a girl) but have been cycling back in AU for a while now.

Overall I found HRC to be generally good.  Lori is an excellent co-ordinator, if she's still there. In saying that,  I don't know that I'd spend the extra money or add the additional stress to travel back to HRC again.  (Other than doing FET's at some stage). 

I can't recall what we've spent, it would easily be over 50k with the HRC cycles.

Best of luck, where-ever you choose!


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Sep 07 IVF/PGD - SART - No transfer
Feb 08 IVF/PGD/MS - HRC  - BFN    
Aug 08 IVF/PGD/MS - HRC -  BFN     
Dec 08 IVF/PGD - No transfer   
Feb 09 IVF/PGD - No transfer   
July 09 IVF/PGD - HRC Baby Girl Baby Girl Baby Girl transferred 07/15 - BFN
October 09 - Cancelled cycle
December 09 - Cancelled Cycle
December 09 - Tubal ligation reversal (failed)
April 10 - Cancelled Cycle - Severe OHSS - Hospitalised 15 days -15 embryos frozen
July 10 - FET 17/07/07-2  transferred - BFP!  M/C Heartbroken 9.5 weeks
Feb 11 - FET 2  transferred - Chemical pregnancy
May 11 - FET 3 transferred - BFN
Jun 12 - IVF