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Who has used Dr. Potter and had good results? I would be travelling from BC so am wondering how many

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17-Apr-12 8:19 pm


I am not sure if you are aware of this, but the primary reason Dr Potter's clinic was so special and people travelled from all over the world just to cycle there is because HRC was one of only two clinics in the United States that offered Microsort sperm sorting. Using Microsort enabled patients to have the vast majority of their embryos to be the right sex.

Check with most of the success stories about Dr Potter on Ingender and you will see they used the Microsort technology in their cycles.

Now Dr Potter is NO LONGER OFFERING the Microsort service - only ordinary IVF/PGD using your husbands unsorted sperm.  This means your embryos will be 50% boys and girls or even worse and you can end up with no transfer. There are hundreds of clinics that offer IVF/PGD so your choices are no longer limited to just two in the United States.

Having just completed my first IVF/PGD the pain after egg retrival was excruciating. I was not prepared for the severe bloating and was pretty much bedridden for a couple days. My husband had to take care of me bringing me drinks & helping me to the bathroom. I can not imagine doing this in a hotel room by myself or while travelling. I would look into clinics as close to home as possible. 

Without the advantage of Microsort, I just don't see the justified expense in travelling all the way to California for a service you can get just a short trip away in Washington State. Have you enquired there?

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