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April 2ww group

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23-Apr-12 7:52 pm

Thank you, everyone!! All the comments were so touchy to me. (I am crying now. Is it because of hormones already or what?) I am still skeptical about BFP after all the roller coast ride. How long should I worry about possibility of "chemical" though?

Well, I can't believe I can FINALLY post my sway!!! I was doubting I would never have a chance to post my sway. I haven't slept well because I've been worried about temp drop in the morning. So paranoid! Will post my sway in a couple of days. I just want to sleep now ;) 

Babybleux, sorry for your chemical. And you said that this could be third times in a row? That is not fair...I hope you will get BFP in a couple of days.

Oneblue~pink, sounds like you will see a pink line on the stick soon! I am so excited!!!

Kat, thanks! Fingers cross for you BFP soon.

Maple, thank you!! It is funny. I can't eat bananas, potatoes and tomato products any more!! I am totally conditioned after a half year of girl diet!  LOL Fingers crossed for your BFP soon!!!

Bequita, thank you! How are you doing with your pregnancy? Are you due soon?

BeadinBabe, thank you! You are so sweet. I really hope you will join us soon!