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13 week scan pic - any guesses?

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16-Apr-12 2:54 am

Hi, im new to this forum Happy Smile I am currently 19wks 4days with my 2nd baby. I have a DD who is almost 3. She would love a baby sister!! 

This is my 13 week exactly scan pic! I've posted this in my birth group on babycentre etc and their responses have been unanimous! Just thought I'd ask your opinions too. I have my 20 week scan next Tuesday (24/04/12) when I shall hopefully be finding out!



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16-Apr-12 2:58 am

 Looks girly. GL

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16-Apr-12 3:24 am

looks like a baby sister for your dd


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16-Apr-12 3:42 am

She would be over the moon with a little sister! Baby Girl So excited for the scan next week!

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16-Apr-12 5:04 am

Baby GirlBaby GirlBaby GirlBaby Girl

 Baby brother coming in September!!!!

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16-Apr-12 5:39 am
Leaning towards a girl


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16-Apr-12 5:40 am

Baby Bear Girl

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16-Apr-12 6:57 am
Looks girly

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16-Apr-12 6:57 am

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16-Apr-12 9:36 am


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17-Apr-12 7:17 am

Thank you ladies! Fairly unanimous! :D 6 days until we find out for sure! Happy Smile

#5 coming July 2015 ?

No dots!

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17-Apr-12 9:42 am

 Baby Bear Girl


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17-Apr-12 9:44 am

I also guess Baby Bear Girl GL!

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17-Apr-12 9:49 am
I also guess girl, although I'm quite new to this xx

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17-Apr-12 10:47 am

Looks like a Baby Bear Girl congrats

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