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14+6 wk ultrasound tech says girl in 2d but i see boy in 3d?

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16-Apr-12 1:52 am
I have 3 girls already am i seeing a boy because i want one or is it possible tech got it wrong?
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16-Apr-12 1:54 am
here is the 2d
Full-size image

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16-Apr-12 2:06 am

I can see what you mean, the top one does look like a penis and the bottom looks girlish however it is not clear. i hope you hear your boy. x

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16-Apr-12 2:29 am
Both look girly to me. 3D shows a nub pointing downwards, so girl.
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16-Apr-12 3:13 am

Both look girly to me. 3D shows a nub pointing downwards, so girl.


I agree. If in doubt, dont rely on 3D as you can have all kinds of strange bumps in places they dont belong to depending on how the shot is taken (esp if baby is moving around).


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16-Apr-12 3:33 am
this lil bit that looks like a penis is not only in this shot its in all the 3d shots of the body thats why i was questioning it Happy Smile

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16-Apr-12 7:11 am
My little girl had a penis looking nub on her 3D at 14 weeks too. Thats normal! :)

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16-Apr-12 9:16 am
Looks like a girl to me.  My DD had a "boyish" nub still at 15w, just the clitoris protruding since it is such an early gestation.  The nub in your pic doesn't look angled like it should for a boy so my guess is girl...congrats!

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16-Apr-12 9:34 am

 Looks girly

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