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23-May-12 12:47 am
So so happy to hear your levels are good. Are you feeling any better or your m/s subsided at all? It will be 12-13 wks before you know it....i know you are anxious and lie awake at night worrying. Been there. It sounds like things are going along well like they should be. Have you had an ultrasound yet? Praying for you and this little one. Habe you told the kids yet or waiting until 12-13 wks? it is hard living this out alone. We didnt tell the kids w the last 3 because I just wanted to be sure. It was good in a way to keep them from the roller coaster of pain and emotions, but hard with this last one because they didnt understand why I was so sad. The sun and beach is doing us good. The kids are having fun being kids and all day play and I am getting much rest and relaxion. I have actually started a book and finished it! Just know I am thinking of you lots.

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