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17-Apr-12 3:32 pm
Oh I just saw this!!!! Oh wow. I am so excited for you. I know you are scared and cautious. I totally get that. i remember last Augnwhen your hcg and prog were so high. it all just didnt make sense when you went in for your 12 wk. i am so glad you are getting the suppositories. One thing I am going to demNd from my fertily specialist doc is a test to see if I have a blood clotting disorder. I have heard and researched that this seems to be the more common denominator than progesterone deficiency. I encourage you to do the same. My doc, even if I dont have blood clotting problems is going to put me on a low dose heparin. I have heard Lovenox is good too so I want to explore the difference. Ask your doc about heparin or Lovenox. yhe thing that doesnt make any sense is that you m/c in Aug you had plenty of progesterone in your system. And suddenly, it was over. that is why I cant shake the feeling that you and I both have something going on where our bodies are clotting off or rejecting the baby when it shouldnt. I am so thrilled for you and will be praying every day that Christmas this year will bring about a whole new meaning for you and you will be holding a precious little one by the end of 2012!!

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