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the next surfa babe - swaying for a girl!

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15-Apr-12 7:06 pm



NAME              Mrs Gii :)
Gender Resulted Hopefully a girl
Swaying Attempt        -Natural


CM Ph 5 (before implementing diet changes and supplements)
DH Ph unknown
Douche type and when none
Replens and when possible rePHresh..
Big O no


Calcium yes


Potassium no
Sodium no
DH minerals calcium, magnesium, cranberry when AF


Dietary Changes girl diet combined with clean eating (also NO fatty fast foods!!)
Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long? continuous clean eating
Caffeine decaf only
DH caffeine occasional


Drinks peppermint tea, decaf coffee with equal tabs, will drink cranberry as a treat while out (I dont drink fizzy drinks), lactose free milk


Cranberry yes
Acidophilus -
Sudafed no
Others -
DH supps cranberry from AF to dtd


BD cutoff (# of days) 7
BD thru O no
O+12 yes - may try O+8 or so depending on time of day
Frequent BD/how many days no
Charting O with Temp yes
Charting O with OPK yes
Fertility monitor used/type nil
Suspected O date unsure


Oed in what moon phase -
Changed ions in other ways? baltic amber, rose quartz, tourmaline beads, amethyst in bedroom.


How many kids do you have? 1, DH has 1 from previous fling also
What gender(s)? Boys
# of months TTC beginning april
Your Age 23
BD position cowgirl or missionary
Jump and dump after a short time
EWCM present/how much? -
DH undies type boxer brief
DH hot bath/shower will try to, depends on time of day for O+...
OWT - anything under bed? may use a wooden spoon and some baby girls socks that my grandmother bought for my son ;)


This is just my plan for now - I'm still researching methods, but its looking like this will be it for us :)

Also going to try going by moon phase, biorythms and moon sign if possible. These were all correct for my son, so will see what happens this time!