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Just got back from bf's girl shower

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15-Apr-12 5:00 pm

And I'm doing....great! Happy Smile (WOW!) I mean 2 years ago a baby girl shower would've put me in the bathroom crying my eyes out, I don't know why I feel so neutral, but I'll take it! I took my DS3 and he got sooooo much attention (I think that helped). He rocked his cute little outfit! Hearts

Here's what he wore: (the shirt- pink polo),default,pd.html?cgid=carters-tops-baby-boy-polos (and the shorts- you probably can't tell in the pic but the shorts have pink stripes in the plaid that match the pink polo shirt),default,pd.html?cgid=carters-baby-boy-shorts and he wore navy blue leather sandals. :)

There were 2 other girls there besides my bf who were also PG with girls....and it DIDN'T BOTHER ME!! Surprise I think if my DS hasn't been there with me I would've felt some jealousy but everyone was telling him how gorgeous he is, etc. I felt proud to be the one rockin' the boy (it was all girls and women) and proudly told everyone I had 3 boys. The only boy bashing (if you can all it that) that I encountered was from a grandma (she wasn't too old, in her 50's or 60's) who said she also has 3 boys (who are grown), 2 grandsons and now "a princess". The "princess" is the granddaughter...she was acting all negative about boys (I was sitting and eating at a table with her and 4 other ladies her age). I ignored it and just started talking about how my oldest makes me bracelets, draws me rainbow pictures (all true!), and how all of my boys treat me like a queen. That shut her up lol.All the girl moms were super sweet to me and my son, there was one grandma (again, in her 50's so not old) who was holding her little granddaughter and said with a pouty face "But don't you want a girl?!!" What kind of question is that? I always wonder what people are thinking when they ask that...of course I want a girl, dipsh*t lol! I just told her yes, I always wanted both genders (said with a smile) and left it at that.

My bestie got a LOT of gorgeous stuff, and yes, some of it I would die for I'll admit! But it didn't hurt me like it usually does. It was like "ohh that's cute!", next! You know how when people have phobias the therapist will make them face their fear head on so it doesn't seem scary anymore? Maybe just being surrounded by a big pink explosion shower was in a weird way therapy for me, I just got numb to it after awhile.

When I was eating at that table I told the ladies we were thinking about a 4th - they gasped and said "OMG!" haha- they said in their generation no one had more than 1 or 2. I loved getting that reaction for some reason. Devil

All this said, I hope and pray I'll be able to come to my bestie's dd's 1st birthday party next year PG with a girl. Love Ya!

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I'm in no way "disappointed" that I have sons, I just want the chance to raise a daughter as well. Happy Wink

Want to try for a Baby Bear Girl early next year! Pray

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