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Please help wrong ultrasound...feel like i lost a son : (

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14-Apr-12 5:29 pm

I am a mother of three daughters 6, 4, and 2. I am prego with my 4th baby. I of course was praying for a baby boy. I was told at my 16week ultrasound and 21week ultrasound it was without a doubt a boy. big penis and all. those are the words i have been waiting to hear for 6 years....ITS A BOY. evrything is blue and so many cloths bought.....and now at my 32 week ultrasound i am being told it is without a doubt a girl! ITS A GIRL! what! i am sooooo sad i feel as tho i have lost a not ok right now. please someone help : ( I have included my ITS A BOY image at 16 weeks and now my ITS A GIRL image at 32 weeks

Baby Girl 6 years Baby Girl 4 years Baby Girl 2 years Baby Girl ?? due june 7th ??
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