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4 losses in a row?! Seriously?


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17-Apr-12 3:13 pm
Hi 5CM.....thankyou so much for responding. t has been a difficult last week. i am stll processing everything. I know you out of anybody I know completely understands what my mind and heart are going through. I have accepted the loss and I am writing a gratitude journal daily, writing what I am thankful for in my life. there is so much to show thankfulness in. It is helping my heart. I know I wont be in this state of sadness forever. we have decided to put all this TTC business aside for a while. i think my body is so so tired. I am still waiting to miscarry. that is so frustrating! I need some closure. I would have been 10 wks tomorrow which is exactly how many weeks I was when I m/cd last August. So weird. So I wait. Meanwhile, the kids have no idea I was even pg. They still need to be taken care of so I ijust keep moving forward in my daily busy life. Newbaby2011: thank you for responding. I have been thinking of you too. Are you still in the hospital? Ive been praying little boy stays in his mama for as long as possible! You are so strong. yes, I have been running tests since Dec. yhe thing that came up was deficiency in vit. D and progesterone, so I was on supplements and then as soon as I got pg, I gave myself progest injections twice a week. he had me on baby aspirin. But to my knowledge, the doc never did a clotting test. I am going to ask to see, but I have a feeling that is the problem, although carrying a pg to full term has never been a problem. Could I have developed a blood clot disorder? His next step of action is to put me on Heparin, whether I have a blood clot thing or not. I am so exhausted and want off the roller coaster for a while. Emotionally, it is so draining.

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