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It's A BOY!!!!!Added another pic!!!!!14 week ultrasound swollen labia or willy?

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13-Apr-12 5:49 pm
The tech was unable to give a definite answer as there seem to be 3 lines but they are significantly sticking out? but then at 14 weeks any gender would be swollen wouldn't it???
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13-Apr-12 6:03 pm

I have no idea, but I will bump for you! I'm interested to see what others think.

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13-Apr-12 6:11 pm
thank you x x

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14-Apr-12 3:47 am
boy !

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14-Apr-12 9:52 am

 It does look like swollen labia. I'd still lean pink, but this 14 week is really tricky!

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14-Apr-12 9:55 am


 It does look like swollen labia. I'd still lean pink, but this 14 week is really tricky!


what i was thinking too!



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14-Apr-12 10:59 am

Could go either way.

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14-Apr-12 3:06 pm
I have another scan on 3rd may so i wonder if the gender will be any more clearer??? I am just getting mixed results..... so confused!!!!
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14-Apr-12 3:14 pm
I would say boy but this pic is hard to tell. I'm really guessing..GL. Please go and guess at mine.

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14-Apr-12 3:46 pm

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15-Apr-12 4:20 am
Any more guesses please, they are much appreciated! X x

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15-Apr-12 4:27 am
Last pic looks like a boy!

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15-Apr-12 6:41 am

Slight lean towards boy, but it's a toughie...

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15-Apr-12 4:04 pm
Bump more guesses please x x x

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15-Apr-12 4:12 pm

 14th week potty shots are murky territory I wouldnt get one for this reason its too early. I think yours is still 50/50 based on both shots GL X

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