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TTC a boy, but have a question

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12-Apr-12 5:39 pm
my husband and i are trying to have a boy as we already have 2 beautiful girls. we have been following the diet for about 4-5 weeks now and we are getting close to O day. i tested my hubbys swimmers today with a ph strip & it was like 8-9. and after the bsf for me mine was about a 9 also. does that mean if both of our ph is high we WONT have a girl? has anyone had a high ph and had a girl or vise versa? thanks in advance! =)
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12-Apr-12 6:21 pm

They usually say high Ph is good for boys...

My husband's ph has been 9 (since I've been testing) and we have 3 boys. I'm pretty sure I know why now!! ;)

Good luck & lots of BLUE dust to you!! (I have lots and lots you can have!!)

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12-Apr-12 6:37 pm
thank you. like i said i have to girls ( so im sending u lots of GIRL dust ) and i never tested ph or anything like that with them. this is our last baby so i really hope we have a little boy! GL and i hope u get ur little girl soon!
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12-Apr-12 6:41 pm

 My Dh has a PH of 9 and I seem to be the problem Embarrassed mine is a 4...that explains it all 4dds LOL...GL with your attemptHappy Smile

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12-Apr-12 8:43 pm

pH is very important but you want to make sure you are doing all 7 sway factors that are described in the FAQ.  It sounds like you are doing that so good luck and you can have my blue dust too!

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12-Apr-12 10:15 pm

Needalil Prince... how do you keep your ph so low??  I would love any info you could give on how you got your girls :)  My husbands ph has been around 9 as well... and we are doing the best we can to get ours lower!... mine is around 5.75 right now.

 Thank you! :)

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