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ttc boy July 2012

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1-Jun-12 11:47 am

It's June 1st, ladies, July is right around the corner!

How's everyone doing? I'm planning on kicking it up another notch these next few weeks....hope I don't overdo it! Is anyone else's cycles a little off? Last month AF showed up almost 4 days late, this month it was a day late. It's weird because I am NEVER late, if anything I'm a day early but never late, so I'm hoping this doesn't throw me off next month when we start TTC. Other than that, everything's going well, I'm feeling a little antsy still knowing the time is near but I find I'm not driving myself crazy over it like I did last year. I've been doing a lot more weight training than I did last year and started doing some yoga too so I think that's helped me keep calm. Hopefully I'm able to remain this calm when the time is here! LOL

Anyway, I wanted to check in since I saw there hadn't been any posts in a couple of days. Hope everyone is doing well!

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