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What is the best PGD/IVF clinic in NYC?

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22-Apr-12 10:51 pm

sportsfan1"][quote user="rh1985:
Anyone have any information about Center for Human Reproduction in NY? I think it was mentioned earlier but no one posted stats? I'm not ready to TTC yet but that clinic is first on my list to contact because they were the only one I found in the area whose website suggested they might be ok with doing PGD for gender in my situation.[/quote] CHR was actually the first one I considered and contacted when I googled gender selection clinics. Their prices were pretty reasonable. I have researched if anyone on this site has used them but no one talks about this clinic. Have you contacted them?

I need to save money, it's going to be around 2 more years probably before I can try, so I haven't actually contacted them yet since it's a while off. I know that since I'm not doing family balancing (I'm going to be a single mother with donor sperm and want a girl for my only child) my options for a clinic will be more limited so I may in the end have to accept a lower success rate vs not trying at all or traveling really far. Was just wondering if anyone had personal experience with the clinic.

Planning to do IVF/PGD for a Baby Girl in summer 2013