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Babybleux's FIRST ever sway attempt

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11-Apr-12 9:06 am
NAME - babybleux32
 Gender Resulted - ?
 Swaying Attempt - Natural
PH - 7.5 before BSF, around 9 after bsf
 CM pH - unknown (big O every day during the week of attempt and BSF to raise Ph)
DH pH - unknown
Baking soda douche - no
Baking soda on finger on attempt or week before - yes, 3 days before and twice the day of attempt,  and next morning
How did you use Pre-seed, and what was its PH? - no
Egg whites used/type/pH -no
 Big O - yes every day the week before attempt, 20 minutes before, about 3 minutes before DH released and two after
MINERALS Calcium - avoided
 Magnesium - avoided
 Potassium - lots of bananas (1-2 per day)
Sodium - salted LOTS
DH minerals - nothing special, ate same food as me
DIET Dietary Changes - yes, avoided diary, ate breakfast (bananas), meat, potatoes, drank V8 pineapple and greentea mix, 
Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long? - until day after O
DH caffeine consumption before BD day - Drank daily coffee, had coke with dinner before attempt
Drinks - Drank the V8 Splash pineapple and green tea, had cokes with lunch
Supplements - Pre-natal
SUPPLEMENTS Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) - yes, the day of attempt
Robitussin/Guafanesin tablets - no
Alka Seltzer Gold - yes
Green Tea - Took the green tea tablets as directed on bottle
Fertile-CM - no
False Unicorn - no
E - yes
Fish Oil - no
Folic Acid - yes (about 3,000mcg)
Flaxseed Oil -no
 Alfalfa - no
Drinks - Pineapple juices, V8
 Others - Took Zinc, Gelatin tablets, Fruit and veggie supplement
DH supps - no
 TIMING Length of DH abstinance - 8 days (See comment)
BD on O - 24-36 hours before
How close to O - within 24 hours (possibly 36 hours?) -
 BD how often - once
Charting O with Temp - no
Charting O with OPK - yes,
Fertility monitor used/type -none
 suspected O date - April 11 or 12
IONS Oed in what moon phase - dont know
Changed ions in other ways? -TV always on, mobile phone always in pocket at work, constantly on it/on my belly at home, around x-ray and medical equipment, used ion hair dryer, early spring
 OTHER How many kids do you have? - 2
What gender(s)? - girls
# of months TTC - 1 
 BD position - doggy
EWCM present/how much? - no, watery, but EPO created some
DH undies type - boxer
Did you use instead cups/how long? - no
 DH cold bath/ shower or ice - no
 OWT - anything under bed? -No,
COMMENTS - I intended for a 4 day abstinance, but with being busy and DH getting sick it ended up at 8 days. I was upset but things aren't always perfect. I did my best and did what I thought I should do. I pray mostly for keeping a healthy pregnancy and just pray its our son. This journey was hard but I felt like I had to do SOMETHING to sway. I'll update as soon as I know!!! Thank you all for your support!!!
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