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No More Microsort forever???

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17-Apr-12 4:00 pm

whitney, I just completed  my IVF/PGD cycle at home and trust me when I say you do not want to use them. What can I say other than don't believe anything you read about such n such "great doctor" on the internet. I'm so skeptical of any RE now. They all want your business and then backpeddal when you are not textbook.

I feel like I should post what happened on Ingender but I don't want to come off sounding as BITTER even though I am bitter! Sad

Baby Bear Boy - 04

Baby Bear Boy - 07

Pray for a Baby Girl to complete our family!

Numerous MS IUI failures.

IVF/PGD fail. Not a single normal girl out of 10 embryos Sad

IVF/PGD#2 - PUPO with a SET normal girl!!!
Beta #1: 78
Beta #2: 238
My angel in heaven Baby Girl.....where to now??? Hearts

IVF/PGD#3 - BFP!!!! More low betas, miscarry 8 weeks

Dutch Girl Sway BFP!! Identical Twins... no heartbeat @ 10 weeks :(