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Charliecats, can I please get your advice?!?!

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10-Apr-12 3:41 pm
Sorry to cross-post but I wasn't sure where to find you!!

So I had my last ultrasound at my fertility clinic this morning and have been released to my OB (though I don't have one yet, working on it.) I was planning on telling everyone today but find myself nervous about one finding from this morning.

Heartbeat was in the 140s, no problem. Doc seemed very unconcerned with the babe. But he measured the CRL at 7 weeks and I'm exactly 8 weeks today. When I pointed that out, he said it wasn't an issue, and that I'd find a way to worry about SOMETHING. Ummmm....yes.

So as we went along he said "I'll take another one just to make you feel better" and that one came out at 7 weeks, 4 days. He said if he kept measuring he'd get me to 8 weeks. That honestly made me feel better.

But today I just saw a post where you said that the measurements should be most accurate early in the pregnancy so I'm a bit freaked out. What do you think? Everything else seems on track and my beta was 50,000 today and my symptoms are getting worse and worse (nausea)...

I've tried to keep from bugging you in the past but I'm just too desperate today. I really want to tell my kids tonight!

I would appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thank you!

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