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6 week ultrasound - any guesses?

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10-Apr-12 3:20 pm

Hi, everyone,

I am new to the forums, but I have enjoyed reading your posts! I am 15 weeks pregnant, and very exctited. I am attaching my 6 week

transvaginal ultrasound. I am going to attach my 12 week ultrasound in the next post.

Any guesses on gender please?

Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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10-Apr-12 3:21 pm

Here is the 12 week "regular" ultrasound.

Guesses appreciated!

Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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10-Apr-12 3:52 pm
Based on your first ultrasound I would guess boy. Good Luck!
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10-Apr-12 4:38 pm
I dont know about the ramzi theory so i cant tell u from the first pic. The second pic there is no gender clues!

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